Brandenburger Tor

The gate to Germany
Our main activity is to advise and assist Dutch entrepreneurs and individuals on their way to Germany. That is why we use the colour orange. But of course, we also welcome customers from other countries. For all foreigners we would like to be the gate to Germany in respect to insurance and other financial topics. As a cosmopolitan organisation, we can advise foreigners from all over the world..as long as you understand English, German or Dutch.

Germany, a different country with different rules
Although Germany is a very normal country, this country will not be exactly the same as your home country. There are differences culturally, socially, economically and politically, and it takes some time to explore these differences. If you are new to Germany, however, you will encounter these differences from the very first day. German bureaucracy is something to get used to when you first arrive and German authorities are like the German sense of humour; pretty seriously.

! Do not be afraid, just ask ts-concept :-) !